Vegan life

You might be asking yourselves why go vegan? Why should you give up MEAT for good?

Let’s talk about that!

From my own experience, vegan started with my love for animals but there are many more reasons to become a vegan and join the vegan community. There are three main reasons: for the environment, for the people, for the ANIMALS.

here are some more detail on why you should go vegan. Click below:

6 reasons to give up meat for good

Perks you get when being a vegan:

First: It can help you to reduce heart diseases and cancer. It is proven that HUMAN IS NOT MEANT TO EAT MEAT. Our teeth and body are not built to process meat and animal’s product in the first place. We don’t have the right chemical in our body to process dairy, our teeth and jaws are not designed to eat meat as well. So why harm yourself?

Second: You can eat all you want. SAY BYE BYE TO HUNGER!!! Lots of YouTubers and bloggers are advertising the low carb diet or calories restriction which is really bad for your health. Carb is not the enemy. You can eat as much as you want.

Third: Who say vegan means boring food? There are so many things you can do with vegan food. You can eat pasta, pizza, mac and cheese, burger, taco, … anything your heart want.

Forth: Thin and strong. It can help you to reduce fat and lose weight for the long term (unlike low carb diet). You won’t feel tired along the way (unlike calorie restriction).


Those are just some of the few advantages. So what are you waiting for?





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