Late Summer night

It’s been a really really long time since the last time I write here… So here it goes…

Have you even got that night when you just can’t sleep? Not because of the heat nor the fact you drank too much coffee a few hours ago, you are simply wide awake. Last night, I struggle to go to sleep until 2am… Then I give up! I simply open the curtains of my bedroom’s windows and open the door to my balcony. It was a little bit risky, mainly because the balcony is not fully built yet.

I sat there, on the edge of the brick platform listening to the soundtrack of a Netflix movie — The Fundamentals of Caring. At daytime, the heat is a pounding pain; but at nighttime, it becomes a pleasant companion. The quiet night, the peaceful music, the shovel and the dried up cement, the nice cool wind mixed with the warm atmosphere, the stars that are too small so you can only see it if you take a good long look at the dark sky above… It was all so beautiful.

The sun rose above the horizon, the sweet color of pink and orange hits my eyes. Every morning, the sunlight dimming through the light purple curtains of mine. I never notice how beautiful it is until now… The late summer night – the early summer morning.


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