Building the bridge (Cambodia-Vietnam)

  Vietnam and Cambodia are situated in Southeast Asia, neighboring each other on the Indochinese peninsula. They both went through a long history of war, which affect the growth of the countries and slow down the in economy. Instead of helping each other to reach further, the two went throw many years of conflict and feud. Our class travelled to the CIA first in Phnom Penh to discuss this problem, and finding a solution is our goal.

SO this is how it started!

On the 20th of April, we flew from Hanoi to Saigon. During the flight and the bus to Cambodia, Dung teaches us so many things about safety step in travelling between countries. After the plane landed, we went straight to Cu Chi tunnel and have lots of fun. I learned a lot of fun fact about my friends that I never notice before. Like how Mimi have to tie up her baby hair in the morning, how Dung sleeps with his eyes and mouth open…   For me, I think the trip is more than just a research; it is also about finding ourselves as a team and learn from each other.



In the meeting with the CIA first students, we have talked about the roots of the reason why conflict started between the two. We never talk or even see the students there. Only in 2 hours, everyone contributed greatly to the project by doing their part to the best they could; we were able to work and find a solution together.I think I did a great job on participating and presenting our task. Our group work together very effectively, and I’ve made some new friends along the way ( Molina, Lorie, Lyly, etc.) The trip truly changes my view about the Cambodian, they were so friendly and open-minded about the topic. Mr. Chris and Mr. Phillip also help us along the way, the staffs of CIA welcome us with open arms. Not only in the school, our best memories were created on the second day.

They join us for breakfast and then took use to the souvenir market. On the way there, I discover many beautiful historical sights and places, which I would definitely visit new time I go to Cambodia. I then discover that grasshopper is very tasty. After that, we went to the have lunch and play at Aeon mall. Lorie told us a lot of interesting fact about studying Cambodia.  We have a great time hanging out, playing bowling, and singing Karaoke. Sadly I have made a stupid mistake and got lost in the makeup section of the mall, even though I didn’t even buy any makeup product at all. Because of that, I missed a lot of fun time with my new Cambodia friend. Next time I would definitely listen to the teachers better and spend more valuable time with my friends.

Until next time, bye!




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