Ba Be Lake charity

Have you ever think that your life is horrible?

You think you are unlucky just because your friend can buy fancy phones and clothes and you can’t. You threw away your food because it is not tasty. You whined about how you don’t have a computer or you don’t have money so you can go with your friends…

Guess what? You are living the dream of those kids. When I went to Ba Be lake we only giveaway 60 desks, 120 jackets, 60 blankets, shampoo, soap, salt, etc. and their faces were filled with joy.I never thought something so simple can bring such joy, it warmed my heart. We also play some games with the kids and they were funny, energetic even when the weather at that time is freezing. We also got a tour around the place and when I see where they live, I was shocked. It is small, harmful insects are everywhere, about 14 -18 children stay in one room. The road to Ba Be is not easy to bring all the things here, this is a place where you have to drive for 4-5 hours (From Hanoi city), hike for 3km in the jungle, etc. If I can do it again, I will…

I have documented the highlights of the trip and made a short video, hope you enjoy it:


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