Sleep at night

How many of you don’t have at lease 8 hours of sleeping per day? If you do, you are so lucky in my point of view.

Some nights in the summer, I stayed up late until 5 o clock then I can sleep till 12, but in the school year is totally a different thing. I barely have 4 hours of sleeping per day, I started studying at 7:30 pm and end up at 2 or 3 am. What worse is that I have to wake up and go to school at 6:25 am so I was always sleepy in class, I always feel tired, and it is like I am a computer which only charge till 30%. It was horrible! I started to be more organize in the weekend, do the homework ahead of time and do it in lunch time, break time in school.

In the next few weeks, I feel way more upbeat and energetic. I sleep from 11 pm till 6:30 am; sure, it is not 8 hours yet but it is longer than 4 or 3 hours. I enjoy school after that, I don’t walk around with a sleepy, grumpy mood anymore, which is great. Sleeping in a crucial part in your life, so don’t stay up too late much, maybe that is why you have trouble in class. Getting enough of sleep can help you not only mentally but also physically, you will have a gorgeous skin and beautiful eyes. Remember, sleeping is important but don’t sleep too much, that is also bad for you, but I might talk about that in the next post, maybe!


love, Myle


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  1. wideandawake says:

    hey i like your posts girl.:)
    stay cute and be blessed.

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