The Swan Lake


On the first of April, the Russian Ballet crew give us an amazing preformate starring Ms. Elisaveta Sergeevna Nebesnaya as Odette also known as the white swan.Under the guidance of the legendary choreographer Mikhail Leonidovich Lvrovsky, every step and move they make on that stage was on point. “The Swan Lake” still kept it’s classic value but also combined with the modern technology. The 3D stage with advance color light system instead of hand-painted wallpaper and big props make the story really come to live. They also add recorded music not the real orchestra live music which make the sound less amusing.



By adding technology into a classic can help the younger generation easier to understand the story but it lost some of the old values. All of the 3D background distracted the focus of the ballet itself. The play is not only about the moves, it is also about the brilliance music of Tchaikovsky so live music is a crucial part that can’t be replaced by a reccord. This is just in my point of view, some of you would loved to watch this plays with technology some people like me would like to watch the old classic way. 


“The Swan Lake” that was performed in Hanoi have a happy ending at the end when the Odette turned back into human and live happily ever after. Honestly, I was waiting for the fall of the swan which is when the ending is Odette jump of a cliff because her heart was broken ( like the version I watch in austria) but both ending were great to me.


Looked back at the plays, they have given us an amazing experience, to be able to watch all of the remarkable ballerinas. Thank you!


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