School is cool

Do you think tests and grades are boring or cool?

let’s talk about that!

When I was younger, Grades is the most important thing. I would go home and go straight to my desk to study. That was the only way to keep my grades up or I thought so. I studied every inch of my book to prepare for the test. At the end, my final grade was 8,9. I was so sad I don’t know what I did wrong, so I asked my sister. She was always my role model and so, she told me this ” don’t focus on the grade, it is just a number, you have to learn to put your head and your heart in class, listen to the teacher participate in the lesson and after a while, you will find yourself love studying. Relax a little!” On the year after that, I tried my sister way. I started to raise my hand in class (a lot), go to school with an open mind without worrying about the grades, reducing the studying time at home so I could feel more comfortable and relax. Instead of studying every tiny little detail, I learned the main point, the basic and also some important details. In that way, my final grade was 9.3 and I still have time for other stuff like basketball, swimming and especially my family. Now, I am proud to say that I love school.


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