Embrace Yourself

Beauty comes in many forms, and something you can’t see it. (*wink wink* it is you)

let’s talk about that!

I never saw myself in this position because, in life, I really don’t like to talk about my feeling, it is hard to open up. I was so nervous by the thought of people judging me that I forgot what I think about myself. School is not always nice to me and so is life. I know that out there are thousands and thousands of insecure souls who think you are less than other. I said you are wrong! Each and every individual are special in their own way you just have to learn to embrace yourself.

You might think that you are not worth it, but all the flaws, scars and imperfection is what makes you perfect. Just like everything in life, the universe always finds a way to balance it out, there is bad and good, there is poor and rich, so if there is beauty, there is ugly but the meaning and the definition of the words in depend on you. Human is a rose, it has two sides, one that bloom and blossom bringing color to life and the other side is dangerous, full of thorns that are painful to touch. To be able to embrace that rose you have to accept both sides. The ugly and the beauty. You don’t have to hide anything, just let that bright light shine from inside of you, that is “true beauty”.

They said that the first ten years of a girl’s life are spent playing with barbies and the next ten years are trying to look like one. Sure, if makeup can make you feel confident then that is no wrong, but you have to remember that it is just a tool it is not who you are. I myself used to look at barbies and wish I could be them, a beautiful perfect body ratio, smooth face, curly hair with perfect life. Can you imagine a world when everybody is like that when everyone is the same? Cute, weird, original girls with a big heart are way more attractive than barbies wannabes. Sometimes we didn’t notice the beauty because we were busy trying to create them.

That beautiful face will fade through time, but that gentle, unique and quiet spirit inside you is the only unfading beauty. My mom and dad teach me to feed my inner self with kindness and forgiveness to another and myself, that is what inner makeup is for me. Some people might say to be able to feel good, you have to look good. I have to disagree! For me, to be able to look good you have to feel good. “Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty.


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